Tunnel Beach

One of the most popular attractions in Dunedin, and rightfully so. The huge sandstone arch dominates the view from the top as you arrive. A short walking track down provides access to an immersive and vibrant area, with cliffs, crashing waves and incredible coastal views.

The walking track down to the arch is very well maintained and fenced. It crosses private farmland but is publicly accessible. It is an easy incline, suitable for all ages.

View from the top

The meadow at the end of the walk is a great place to stop and rest. You can walk out to the edge, on top of the arch. The view out here is magnificent. Crashing waves break underfoot as you look out to the vast Pacific Ocean. The battered coast stretches to the horizon and the beach below is sheltered in a calm, hidden enclosure.

View down the coast

The tunnel is back in the meadow, and extends down 72 hand carved steps to the beach below. It is quite dark and can be slippery. There are fossils embedded in the rock walls.

The beach is surrounded in cliffs with sandstone boulders scattered around. Time your visit with low tide to get the most out of the beach.

View from the beach

The cliffs in the area show exposed layers of rock, creating a natural, graffiti-like appearance. Be prepared to spend more time here than you’d expect. Tunnel Beach is a truly amazing area.

Cliffs on the beach

To get there, drive up through Corstorphine and continue out on Blackhead Road. There’s a signposted left turn as you approach the access to the beach.

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