Sandfly Bay

Sandfly Bay

Sandfly Bay is a phenomenal experience. Towering sand dunes descend onto a wide beach. Headlands and coastal rock formations shelter the area from the elements.

The track to the beach starts at the carpark. It begins with a well maintained trail over farmland, then descends onto a sandy track through the sand dunes. Take a moment to see the amazing views of the bay from the viewing platforms on the way down.

View on arrival

The beach is surrounded by sand dunes, cliffs and surging waves. People often play sports on the flat areas, while others ride down the sand dunes on old skateboards. The beach provides a different perspective of Lion’s Head Rock, an offshore island resting beyond the waves.

On the beach

Despite the name of the bay, you won’t find many sandflies. However, there are other species in the area. New Zealand fur seals and New Zealand sea lions are found resting on the beach. Keep your distance as they are quite fast and can be dangerous.

Yellow-eyed penguins have a large colony here. They are frequently seen arriving from sea in the evening. Avoid approaching them and their nesting grounds as they are easily threatened.

A resting sea lion

The Otago Peninsula is full of attractions. Victory Beach and Taiaroa Head are close by and well worth a visit.

To get to Sandfly Bay, travel along the top of the peninsula on Highcliff Road. Turn down Seal Point Road and continue to the carpark at the end.

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