Blackhead Beach

Favoured by surfers and fitness enthusiasts, Blackhead Beach is worth the short drive. The area has high sand dunes, crashing waves and a towering quarry. Parking is located near the road and quarry.

A track from the car park leads down to the rocky part of the beach near the quarry. The sand starts shortly after and spans to the horizon. The wide open area is perfect for dogs and running. The beach is a popular spot for surfing at all skill levels.

Looking down Blackhead Beach

Blackhead Quarry started digging out of the headland in the 1950s. Some of the materials are used for roads and railways around New Zealand. A set of rules were put in place in 1990 to protect the area at sea level from too much damage.

View of the nearby quarry

Explore more of the area by visiting the nearby Tunnel Beach, one of Dunedin’s most popular attractions.

To get there, drive up through Corstorphine and continue out on Blackhead Road. Continue past the signs for Tunnel Beach and turn into the parking at the quarry. It’s a hard sight to miss.

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