Mount Cargill

Mount Cargill forms a section of the northern skyline towering over Dunedin. A transmitting station operates at the rugged summit. Several connecting walks and a rough road provide access. The summit of Mount Cargill offers panoramic views of the greater Dunedin area.

Beginning of the walk through Bethune's Gully

One popular walk towards the summit begins at an old growth forest in Bethune’s Gully. The well-maintained path towards the summit continues upwards into rainforest. Teeming with birdlife, the forest canopy opens up to the occasional vista.

Path near the summit

The rainforest fades closer to the summit, replaced with panoramic views of the greater Dunedin area. The path becomes steeper near the summit, with steps in some areas.

A transmitting station braves the elements at the summit, providing television and radio to surrounding regions. For those looking to continue exploring, a connecting track leads to the Organ Pipes.

View from the summit

To get to the start of the walk, travel along North Road towards Normanby. Turn left down Norwood Street and continue until you reach the signed entrance to Bethune’s Gully on your left. Plenty of car parks are available, and the bus services operate within walking distance. Alternatively, you can drive directly to the summit through Cowan Road.

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