Pineapple Track

The Pineapple track has two main entrances and runs over Flagstaff Hill. Flagstaff Hill is a dominating feature of the Dunedin skyline, part of the rim of an ancient volcano. Although extinct for a long time, it still provides an excellent vantage point to observe the land below.

The path through the tussock laden landscape is very well maintained. There are places to rest and take in the view along the way. Roughly half way through you’ll reach the Flagstaff Summit, where an old pole juts out of the rock. Traditionally, a flag was hoisted here to signal that a ship had entered the harbour.

Looking down the path

There are other trails close to the Pineapple Track. Those who are feeling adventurous and have the extra energy could find a way down through Ross Creek to the city.

If you are travelling by private vehicle, head for the car park on Flagstaff-Whare Flat Road. The bus service will take you to the entrance on Booth Road through the Dunedin City Transport Glenleith Extension route.

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