Long Beach

Long Beach

Located a short drive north of Dunedin, the settlement of Long Beach is a peaceful holiday location with a breathtaking beach. A cave system and vast range of rock formations draw in visitors for rock climbing, camping and day trips.

View from the top

Rock climbers scale the cliffs and rock formations found all the way down the beach.

The caves on the beach are located at the far end. The caves start rather low, however open up to large caverns. They are home to native wildlife so take care as you explore. Blue Penguins often take shelter and nest, and prefer not to be disturbed.

Cave near the beach

Campers thrive on the beach, taking in the full experience overnight. Some campers brave their stay in the cave, while others prefer the clearings in the forest near the shore. Make sure to plan for the weather and respect the environment if you plan to stay.

The settlements of Purakaunui and Aramoana are close by, and although similar in features, are well worth the time to visit.

View down the coast

To get there, drive out to Port Chalmers, and make a left turn as you enter. Follow the road up and you’ll find a signed turn off to Long Beach. Keep following the signs until you reach the settlement. The beach is ahead as you arrive.

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