Chrystalls Beach

On arrival, you’ll find a short walking track to the beach. The beach itself is an astonishing sight. The Pacific Ocean spans across the horizon, the golden sands of the beach separating it from the thriving tussock in the sand dunes. The large rock formation on the beach is known as Cook’s Head Rock. It provides shade for a break, and a vantage point for those adventurous enough to climb it.

View down the beach

Rips are quite common around Chrystalls Beach so be wary if you plan on taking a dip.


Some of the local wildlife make their home on Chrystalls Beach. You’ll likely encounter sea lions resting on the shore. They are fairly harmless when left alone but will chase people if they feel threatened. Sea lions are surprisingly fast so keep your distance and respect their environment.

The experience is well worth the short drive and there are plenty of other attractions nearby. Make a day of it by visiting Taieri Mouth and Bull Creek.

To get there, follow the road south of Dunedin, heading towards Invercargill. Turn towards the coast when you reach Milton and follow the signs to the beach. Don’t let the gravel roads stop you!

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